Burn Me Spaghetti Strap Dress

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Rusted Orange Spaghetti Strapped Dress, New2U

  • Size 10 US
  • Size 14 UK
  • Size 42 Eur
  • Ball chained skirt not included
  • Chest width 17" across
  • Waist 18" across
  •  Total length 41.5"
  • Original brand Bootloo Night


"Thank you, Daytona Bleach Art House! We love your beautiful music related paintings, completing the trifecta of fashion • music • art. Stay tuned for more from Daytona Bleach in our winter issue."

Exclamation! Magazine

I love the curated pieces that Nealey puts together for me, it's like having my own personal stylist! My favorite part is when I wear a piece from Daytona Bleach, it's one of a kind and I'm the only person on the planet with it. Forget Melrose, Daytona Bleach is where I get my treasures!

Slo Casasola | Los Angeles, CA